“What happens after we die?

This question fascinated even our most ancient ancestors. There is significant proof that early humans believed in life after death, even reincarnation. They lived deeply connected to nature and saw the constant cycles of life, death, and rebirth around them as a part of their existence as well.

Our ancestors noticed that the sun disappeared in the evening, only to rise again in the morning. They noticed that the leaves changed colors and fell off the trees when the weather began to cool and the seasons changed from summer to autumn. Then, despite appearing to be dead or lifeless all winter, the trees sprouted new growth and the leaves came back in the spring. Because the people understood that every living thing is a part of nature, when someone died, it was reasonable to expect that they were part of that endless cycle as well.”

“Who Do You Think You Are? An Interactive Journey Through Your Past Lives and Into Your Best Future” by Michelle Brock Chapter 9, “The Cycles of Birth and Death”, page 126

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