One of the things that I commonly hear when I talk about past lives is that they don’t believe in reincarnation, or that they are skeptical about whether or not one can actually recall memories from their past lives.

My reply to this is always the same- that I completely understand, as I also didn’t necessarily believe in past lives either before I actually experienced one myself.

I believe that it is one thing to believe in reincarnation, whether you gained that belief by way of a religious tradition you feel akin to, grew up in a home where past lives were spoken of openly, or have always had an intuitive feeling that there was more to our existence than just this life, and quite another to have had experienced a past life directly.

Your own experiences are unique to you, and the way that you process or interpret those experiences is also incredibly personal as no two people will ever see the world in the exact same way.

I believe that this is the fundamental difference between religion and spirituality- that although religion can play an important role in someone’s life and be incredibly impactful in finding a spiritual path, to me spirituality is much different in that it is such a deeply personal concept.

And so, when you experience a past life yourself- and you see, feel, hear, and know what happened in that past life, as well as experience the intense emotions that often arise from past life memory recall, you no longer have to rely on having a belief in past lives – as you have now experienced one yourself.

When your beliefs are created through your experience, those beliefs can become your own truth.

And it is incredibly important to remember that what might be true for you isn’t necessarily going to be true for someone else, as all people everywhere are also are having their own, individual experiences that they are perceiving through their unique lens.

And so, if truth is based on one’s own experience, how can any of us ever judge another person’s truth?

Or say whose truth is the “real” truth or that the experiences of others are somehow not valid?

Find your own truth!

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