I think that most of us, at one point or another in our lives will ask the question: “why am I here?”

I believe that it is human nature to ponder our existence, to wonder if we have a deeper purpose and meaning in our lives other than to just exist.

And, if you have come to embrace the idea that you have lived before, in many past lives and have reincarnated now, in this life and in this body, what is it all for?

Why do we reincarnate?

Over the now many years that I have been working with my clients uncovering memories from their past lives, I have come to discover that our purpose for being here on earth, in a body is actually quite simple: our purpose is love.

Yes, it is true that we can also have other purposes that include our careers, the roles we play in our families and communities, but what I am referring to is more along the lines of a “higher purpose” or the reason that we have all chosen to reincarnate and be here collectively, as a humanity.

We must learn how to love in its’ many forms, including romantic love, familial love, love for those who look like us and share our same beliefs and backgrounds – but we also must learn to love those who we perceive to be different or “other”.

And yes, it is one thing to tolerate others, or even accept others that we see as different, whether by their beliefs, backgrounds, gender, or race and ethnicity- but we have to learn how to push through those introductory-level lessons and into the higher lesson, which is to love everyone, everywhere.

Yes, of course this is a difficult task, which is why we need many lifetimes to learn these lessons, but these times today are asking us to draw upon our already hard-earned wisdom to create a society that features peace, understanding, equality, and love.

I have also come to realize that those who we perceive as “other” is based on a false identity, as we are not our bodies or our circumstances – we are all souls who are on a journey over many lifetimes.

Your purpose is love.

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