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Meditation Download: “Using Past Lives to Create the Future”

This is an exclusive audio download of a past life regression meditation, personally narrated by author and spiritual development life coach Michelle Brock.

Michelle’s 24-minute meditation is designed to help you uncover memories from one of your past lives, as well as a childhood memory from this lifetime, to help you understand how your past life relates to themes and events in your current life.

You will get a MP3 (14MB) file

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“Soul Mates: A Past Life Exploration” – Live Webinar Event Replay

“Soul Mates: A Past Life Exploration” is a playback recording of a 2 hour, live workshop with Michelle Brock that features a discussion about these love reunions from a past life, how they happen, why they happen, and how to recognize your soul mate when you encounter them.

It also includes a group past life regression to discover the “past life story” behind your love affair, to help deepen your connection, add new dimensions to your soul mate relationship, or give you clues and insight on your path toward the eventual meeting of your soul mate.

Whether you are coupled or single (or somewhere in between!) this video course will help you discover that love never dies and that perhaps what we call “love at first sight” is actually just remembering that you had loved them already.

You will get a MP4 (894MB) file

$35 USD – Purchase here

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