One of the things that can happen over time from exploring your past lives is that your view or perception of yourself can change.

You can see that you have lived before, in other times and places, in different bodies.

The curtain on your existence will open wider to include your past life selves, who were people that lived lives that were very different from the one you are living right now.

Past life work can completely obliterate your previously held sense of self, and it is true that can be a lot to process.

But, as this new information sinks in and you discover the past life versions of yourself, it is possible to integrate them into your life and even allow them to become a part of your identity.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can just eliminate your current life from your identity and adopt a past life as how you see yourself and identify.

What I am suggesting is that by allowing your various past lives to become a part of your identity, you can begin to discover that your true identity lies outside of your physical form.

You can begin to see that you are ancient, wise, and eternal.

By allowing your past lives to become a part of your identity, you are acknowledging that you have lived many times before, in many different ways.

And that any previously held beliefs about who you truly are that were based on this life, in this body, are actually false identities.

You can realize that you are a soul, who is currently inhabiting a body, on a journey over many lifetimes.

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