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About Michelle Brock

Michelle Brock is a New York City based spiritual development life coach who specializes in past life regression. She is also an intuitive counselor, a psychic medium, a master hypnotist, and has studied spirituality, shamanism, meditation, divination, astrology, and energy medicine techniques from many different world traditions.

Based on her own experience, including discovering her own past lives and the spiritual journey that resulted, Michelle is an expert guide and a true mentor to anyone who wishes to discover more about their own, true, eternal nature and the spiritual journey over many lifetimes we are all on.

Michelle is a featured author in the book “Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past Life Memories” by Dr. Brian Weiss. Her work has been featured in several publications including Well+Good, Yahoo!, MindBodyGreen, elephantjournal, and Bustle. She was featured in an interview on Comedy Central’s hit show “Inside Amy Schumer: Amy Goes Deep With a Psychic” and has appeared in several documentary films, including “The Ripple Project” which is due to be released in early 2019.

A dynamic speaker, Michelle is warm, funny, down to earth, as well as compassionate and insightful. She leads workshops and retreats all over the United States and maintains a private practice in New York City.

Michelle believes that many of the experiences that we consider psychic, metaphysical, or spiritual transcend culture and are perhaps even universal to the human experience, and that these can be experienced by everyone. She also believes that if all people, everywhere could come to know their own past lives, as well as the spiritual lessons connected to this profound experience, that we could create a world that features equality, love, understanding, and peace for all of humanity.  

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