Today is the advent of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, an astronomical event that features the most amount of sunlight or “longest day of the year”.

Why is this important?

Since ancient times, we human beings have lived in a way that was deeply connected to nature and the earth’s cycles.

The changing of the seasons by way of the relationship with the earth and the sun, and the resulting amount of light and darkness was how we survived, lived, and thrived.

Our ancient ancestors understood that without darkness there would be no light, and after the long winter the sunlight and warmth would return, help crops flourish, and bring light and life to all living things on earth.

And so, some of the most ancient spiritual and devotional practices, rituals we human beings performed were around these pivotal moments and turning points that happened every year.

Solstices and the various monuments constructed around them worldwide became about hope, positivity, joy, celebration, devotion, and reverence to the great source of life that was the sun, as well as the nurturance and innate wisdom of mother earth.

To me, marking these moments every year is not about superstition or “wish making”, but rather a return to a more ancient way of living that allowed us to maintain our connection with nature and remember that we are a part of these cycles of life, death, and rebirth that are constantly happening around us.

In fact, astrological practices and noticing these cycles of the earth, sun, and moon are nearly as ancient as humans themselves, and every single culture on every continent on the globe has a tradition that honors them.

To me, this means that maintaining and honoring this connection to nature is something that is innately human and transcends culture, background, skin color, religion, and is even perhaps one of the keys to discovering our shared humanity.

And so today we celebrate light.

We celebrate joy, hope, abundance, and all of the beauty the world can offer.

An important reminder that although there may be darkness, there is also light.

Happy Summer Solstice!

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