There is a popular saying that the “past is in the past”, meaning what has happened to us before and the actions we took and choices we made before are just water under the bridge and there is no use in bringing it up.

But the truth is, the past is not in the past.

The place that we are at right now, where we have arrived in our lives is a direct reflection of the journey that we have been on and includes everything that has happened in the past.

The things from our past, from both our childhood and early life, as well as our past lives that remain unhealed and unexamined will continue to inform the choices we make and actions that we take, many times even unconsciously.

We have to pull up the weeds from our past and examine them – and often times that includes admitting where we were wrong, did things that we regret, and remember things that are often unpleasant or even traumatic.

In order to become free from the past and stop being stuck in patterns that reflect our past choices, we have to both see and tell the truth about our journey so far, including the painful and disappointing parts.

And this is true for us both personally as we look at our family history, our ancestral heritage, as well as our past lives, but also collectively as we work to tell the truth about history and own up to our past failures in order to create a new future.

It is important to acknowledge, however, that this process of acknowledging and healing the past can take tremendous courage to do – we often cling to our stories of the past in order to feel safe or avoid having to see the truth of a situation.

But, in order to make the changes that are necessary to reflect a new reality, a new future, we first have to find the courage to examine the past, tell the truth about history, and ultimately heal from our past in order to move forward in the direction that represents our highest potential and ultimate destiny.

Healing the past is an act of courage, but it is an important step to become free from the past and create a new future.

Be courageous.

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