I remember my first day of kindergarten very vividly.

My new classmates and I all sat on the floor cross legged, while my teacher, Mrs. Grant demonstrated what an electric current was by dragging her feet on the carpet and then touching each of us on the arm so we could feel the shock she had generated.

I was completely in awe– it was clearly magic!

Looking back at this story it is cute how naïve I was and how much my understanding and knowledge about electricity has changed in the now more than 40 years since I was in kindergarten.

This works the same way with looking back at your past going back to your past lives – the people you were before, in your past lives are in many ways your “inner kindergartner” as they represent a younger, less wise, knowledgeable, or experienced version of yourself.

For example, maybe you had a past life where you were a thief.

You might look back on that past life with a bit of disdain for your behavior, but that past life represented a version of yourself that you have learned from and evolved past, and maybe now you are incredibly honest and consistently act with integrity and respect for others.

Instead of allowing that past life to define you, that it means that you are a “bad, dishonest person”, you can instead see that past life as a measure of how far you have come since then.

That is the point of reincarnation, to move us forward in our spiritual evolution and give us opportunities during many lifetimes to attain wisdom through our varied experiences.

When you can learn to see your past lives as your own, “inner kindergartner” it is much easier to have compassion for the younger version of yourself who was still learning and growing –

But guess what? You still have a lot more to learn and there are always ways that we can grow, evolve, and become better and wiser.

Yes, this is my actual kindergarten picture – please don’t judge me for how I was dressed in the 1970’s!

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