Our past does not stay in the past.

In fact, what has happened before, in the past that remains unconscious, unhealed, unresolved, not understood, and unintegrated will reemerge in the present as events and experiences that happen in your life right now.

What has happened in the past, both in this life as well as our past lives, that we haven’t worked to understand will become patterns that repeat themselves, often even over many lifetimes.

For example, we may have experienced a deep loss of a loved one in a past life and the sorrow and grief that we felt from that loss wasn’t properly dealt with or acknowledged, maybe even the feelings had been buried.

And so, that buried grief that came from a past life was carried with you into this life, only energetically and unconsciously.

And, because we are carrying the energy of that past life experience with us, we will actually relive this unresolved sorrow over and over again by unconsciously attracting experiences into our lives that reflect that pain.

Maybe this shows up in our lives as having a pattern of attracting partners who leave or abandon us in a painful way, thereby repeating that same unconscious story of loss many times.

What makes a past life regression or recovering memories from your past lives such a powerful tool for self-healing and self-transformation (btw all healing is self-healing and all transformation comes from the self, or within) is that by remembering the past we can realize what we need to do in order to break these unconscious patterns that keep repeating in our lives.

By remembering the past life story associated with these patterns, you can free yourself from the past and stop reliving it again and again.

And then, you will be free to create a new future – one that is free from your past!

Remember the past so you are not condemned to repeat it.

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