Many times, we get stuck focusing on the details.

A certain situation that we are in, a relationship that is stressing us out, a problem that we can’t seem to find a solution to, or a specific issue that we are ruminating about-

These are all tendencies that are human nature and are a part of the way we experience life and its’ various complexities.

But often what happens in these situations is that we are focusing on one, small aspect or a minute detail instead of finding the “bigger picture” view.

For example, maybe you are dealing with a co-worker who has been incredibly rude, inconsiderate, and hasn’t been pulling their fair share of the workload.

And so, of course you sit and stew about it, focusing on what time they show up at the office, noticing a sloppy presentation, an email that hadn’t been followed up on.

Maybe you even gossip about them, commiserating with fellow workers about this “problem” colleague.

But maybe what you didn’t know was that this co-worker is also taking care of a dying parent.

And that situation is affecting that person’s marriage, taxing them financially, and the stress of that situation is even creating their own health problems.

Doesn’t this information, this “bigger picture” view completely change the way that you see this situation?

Instead of focusing on just what is right in front of you, when you have more information and more of the “back story” behind this co-worker’s behavior, you are able to approach them with love, compassion, and understanding instead of disdain.

This works in exactly the same way with your past lives.

When you uncover memories from your own previous lifetimes, you are able to open the curtains a bit wider and see that there is more to your existence that what is happening right now.

Past lives provide perspective, and without knowing the “bigger picture”, you are missing out on some important information that will allow you more understanding and compassion – both for yourself, as well as for others.

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