Kids say the strangest things sometimes.

But especially when they tell stories about “before” or “when they used to be big”, and describe details about other time periods, places, and often even talk about having a different body.

What is most interesting is that this phenomenon that is actually quite common- but is most often recognized as children having actual past life memories in cultures where belief in reincarnation is more widespread, such as in India.

In fact, in both India and other places around the world including here in the U.S., many details and facts that young children have said have been corroborated and even led to what many people believe is evidence of that child’s past life persona.

Over the years, I have heard many people tell me that their children have said things that sounded like they were trying to relay memories of their own past lives, particularly when the kids are still young, from about age 2 to around age 6 or so (typically before they go to school and have become more socialized).

I hear many people say that they have had dreams in childhood that seem to be from other times and places, and even having a sense that they were a “different person” in their dream.

I also have heard people say that they have had a sense that they had a memory that was almost on the “tip of their brain”, like something you are trying to recall and can’t quite pull up all of the details.

Yes, it is true that there is a type of “forgetting” that happens when we are born, but I believe that many of us come into this lifetime with some residual memories of our past.

And that we can learn how to remember the details of our own past lives.

But next time you are around a 4-year-old, casually ask them if they remember anything about “before, when they used to be big”.

Their answer could very well surprise you.

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