Having spent many years now watching my clients uncover memories from their past lives, I have been privileged to witness first-hand so many people have the incredible realization that they have lived before, in a different body than they have now.

And, to see them gain the insight that although they looked different, had different parents and families, ate food that was unfamiliar, and even spoke a different language and had different customs and traditions, that in essence who they “are” from lifetime to lifetime is fundamentally the same.

A past life regression is a process that involves taking a sledgehammer to shatter any previous sense of identity from this life, as you discover that who you “are” has nothing to do with your body or your life circumstances.

And then, once you discover that the real “you” is actually much more vast, wise, and eternal than you could have ever previously thought, and that you are a Soul and not a body- you also can begin to recognize that same quality in others.

Yes, it is true that we are all born into this life and have a body right now with specific traits and characteristics, a family of origin, and that we have differences between ourselves and others that can be perceived.

But these differences only exist on the surface, as we have all had a variety of experiences over many lifetimes that have featured being different genders, races, social status or class, and had lives that featured different opportunities or a lack of them.

Our differences are only skin deep.

We are all souls on a journey over many lifetimes, a journey that features a variety of experiences in order to learn more fully what it means to be human here on planet earth.

When you become aware of your own past lives, you also discover that past lives are the key to discovering our shared humanity.

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