This concept is the core of the work I do helping people experience their own past lives.

Your past lives are not in the past, but on a certain level are actually happening right now, in the present.

This is because the unconscious mind, which is where your past life memories reside, is incredibly powerful and can inform everything about how you exist in the present.

Which means that your past lives can and do inform your thoughts, actions, beliefs, attitudes, fears, and more right now, in your life today.

And so, when you delve into your past lives and understand your own, personal soul’s history, you can release the past and the hold that it is having over you in the present.

You can heal your past and let go of what has happened to you before, in your past lives.

And then, once you have let go of your past, you are then free to create an entirely new future for yourself.

And that future will be free of your past, which means that there are no limits!

This is true for our own future personally, as well as collectively as a society and a human race – as our past is holding us back from who we can become, which is who we decide that we want to be.

When you let go of your past, you can change your future.

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