One of the most profound things that I have learned doing past life regression over the years is that absolutely everything that my clients need to in order heal from their past comes from a place within them.

In fact, most people are surprised to discover that the memories from their past lives are right there, just under the surface and that accessing them is much easier than they imagined it would be.

Witnessing this process, both in myself and in my clients, has uncovered a much larger truth as well: all healing is self-healing.

Every single one of us has the power to heal ourselves from our traumas, sorrows, wounds, disappointments, limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and fears that hold us back that have formed both in this life, as well as in our past lives.

Now, I think that it is important to define what it means to “be healed”, as most of us tend to be more focused on the results rather than the process.

Let me explain.

Often, we define healing as “being free from disease” or “restored to perfect health”.

This is not always true, as it is possible to succumb to an illness or even physically die and still have been healed.

In fact, I have had the immense privilege of working with several people over the years who passed away from an injury or disease- but were fully and beautifully healed when they did so.

I define healing as “returning to a state of wellness”, which can look differently for everyone and is not always connected to our physical health.

Healing is a process, not a result.

And it is a process that happens on many levels including the mind, the body, and the spirit.

This process of seeking to heal is a deeply personal one and any “healer” is only a guide who points the way, serves as a witness, holds space for you, and empowers you to heal yourself.

But the healing that happens comes from inside of you.

All healing is self-healing.

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