One of the things that happens when we are born is that we experience a shift in awareness away from the realm of spirit into the world of physical form.

This causes a kind of “forgetting” that happens, as we begin the challenges of life on earth in a body.

But this forgetting is not a complete erasing of our knowledge, as these memories of both the realm of spirit and of our past lives remain with us, only unconsciously.

We have a lingering connection to the spirit world and the knowledge of our past that we bring with us.

For example, children often talk about details of their past lives.

Both of my children did this when they were little, including the time that I asked my daughter when she was 3 if she “remembered being big before”.

She proceeded to tell me a story that I believe was a past life of hers that was not only uncharacteristically dark for her, but she spoke of it with emotion and conviction.

When my son was about 4, he told me that he “used to have a different mom”.

Kids often say things that is easy for adults to dismiss as fantasy that are perhaps residual memories from the time before they were born, as stories about kids talking about past lives is actually really common.  

As we get older and perhaps become more socially conditioned, these memories that we had as children do tend to fade, especially in a culture where past lives are not openly discussed or widely believed in.

But, they remain with us on an unconscious level and can reemerge, a process that I believe is a part of what many call a “spiritual awakening” – which I believe is actually just a remembering.

Knowing about your past lives is a powerful way to activate this awakening and remember who you really are; an eternal, spiritual being on a journey over many lifetimes.

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