A lot of people ask me, “What is the point of knowing your past lives”?

“Shouldn’t the past stay in the past?”

Doing a past life regression is not about bringing up the past so we can wallow in it but is rather about knowing the past so we can heal from the past.

When we ignore the things that have happened to us before that impacted us physically, emotionally, and spiritually (from both this, and our past lives) these events and traumas don’t just go away or disappear just because we decide to ignore them.

These unresolved and unhealed issues from our past create fears, phobias, limiting belief systems, and negative patterns that tend to repeat in our lives.

For example, maybe in a past life you had a spouse who was cold and neglectful to you, incapable of showing you love and affection, which caused you to feel very lonely, sad, worthless, and sorrowful.

And in this life, you tend to attract partners who don’t help with the dishes, pour themselves a cup of coffee in the morning without offering you one, forget your birthday, and just in general make you feel unloved or unimportant.

Or maybe you have decided that based on this past experience that “I am not worthy” or “all men/women are worthless” and just don’t date at all.

Perhaps in a past life you decided to take a really big risk and failed, and in your current life you tend to “play it safe” so you don’t go after that big promotion, etc.

These are examples of how your past, when left unexamined in your unconscious mind can hold you back from having the future that you want and deserve.

If you confront your past, you can understand it, release it, and ultimately heal from it.

And, after this healing occurs, you are then free to create a new future for yourself: one that is free from your past.

Which means that future is without limits!

When you heal the past, you open the future.

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