During a past life regression, if we encounter another person in a past life, I always ask them to look into their eyes and see if they are someone that they recognize, maybe from this life.

There is a saying that the “eyes are the window to the soul”, and that it is through gazing into someone’s eyes that you can gain that recognition of who they are on a soul level.

Usually this recognition is immediate, that they remind them of someone or say that they have the “same eyes” as someone that they know now, even if they are a different gender or ethnicity.

This is how one can recognize a soul mate during a past life regression.

This is often incredibly emotional for my clients when they see that someone that they love deeply in this life has been with them before, in a past life.

They can see firsthand that the love that they have cultivated with this soul mate does not end at death, and that we carry this love with us into our next life and beyond.

And it is important to remember that these soul mate relationships don’t always occur in the same way or take the same form.

For example, you might have been someone’s mother in a past life and in this current life, that person is your spouse.

A dear friend could have been your daughter, or your sister now was your father before.

These role changes over many lifetimes are not only possible, but I have discovered that they are incredibly common.

We change roles because there are many, many different ways to love someone and we need to learn how to love our various soul mates in every form and configuration.

One of the most beautiful truths I have learned over the years I have been doing past life regression is that love is an energy.

And, that the science behind the first law of thermodynamics seems to be true: that this love energy can’t be created or destroyed but can only change forms.

And that is how love survives death.

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