How Will a Past Life Regression Guide Me in My Life Today?

I want to discuss an idea or a question that I get very frequently, which is exactly how will a past life regression guide me in my life today? And, how will that work?

People wonder- isn’t the past in the past? And, shouldn’t it be better left there?

It is the truth that the past informs the present. And our past lives with us in the now. And, our past shows up in our lives in many, many ways.

Sometimes this shows up as limiting belief systems, or phobias even or fears.

There can be a variety of things that show up in our life that are from our past.

Sometimes they can be patterns of behavior. They can also show up in the form of people, soul mates who come into our lives, which can either be hard life lessons or people that love us. It can go either way with the soul mates.

So, I don’t look at the past as this distant, far away thing. I look at it as a continual arc that actually includes our childhood as well. Our past lives show up in our childhood in different ways because they are imprinted in our unconscious.

When we can know our past life, then we have more knowledge and we know better what our journey has been over many lifetimes. So, it’s like pulling the curtains open wide, then we can see and we can know. We can take that unconscious material and become conscious of it. And, there is a famous quote by Carl Jung that talks about making the unconscious conscious, otherwise it will rule your life. And that really is true, this unconscious past life material is actually running the show. It’s informing you and it is telling you what to do. And it tells you how to do things too.

And so, if we can pull it up from the past, then we can understand it. And then, we can work on releasing it.

So, sometimes it is as simple as just knowing the story, to know this is what happened before, therefore this is why I act like this. Or why I respond in this way to something. Or why I chose this lifetime, and why I chose the challenges that I am experiencing in order to learn and grow. You can see that there was a story that happened before, something that you needed to learn or resolve with someone else.

We have this complex spider web of connections and events that happened in this lifetime, but what we can’t see is that the spider web is so much larger than we could have imagined because we could only just see a piece of it.

When we do a past life regression, we get to open up that viewpoint. And make it larger. So, it is really the understanding that will help guide us in letting go of the past, and then the past is no longer running the show. Then, we are free from our past, and can create a future that is free of it. When you are looking at a past life regression, it is really future work that you are doing. It’s not really about going into the past, although the history part is incredibly interesting, but that really isn’t the point. It’s really about looking at who you are, now and finding the things that are holding you back from the future that you would like to create.

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