Healing Yourself With Past Life Regression

Today I want to talk about past life regression as a healing technique. Now, there are a lot of reasons that someone might want to do a past life regression, I get a lot of people who are just curious and simply want to know what role they played in history, or what they are drawn to. But, a past life regression is a powerful healing technique.

Sometimes the symptoms that need to be healed are emotional, meaning that there is a story, something that happened to you in a past life that is causing a depression in this life. Or, it can even be feeding off of something that happened to you in your childhood, maybe you have a disproportionate emotional response to something that you have experienced in this life. That is very common, I have seen that a lot.

Sometimes the symptoms that you need to heal can even be physical. I have seen people heal themselves of chronic back pain or knee pain. Or even disease, I have seen people that have had thyroid conditions that go away after a past life regression and learning a story of something in the past that was connected to that thyroid condition meaning something involving the throat or the throat chakra. This could have been a hanging or a strangling in a past life that also represented not being able to speak their truth, which is what the throat chakra is associated with. And so, that ends up manifesting itself as an energy that can show up in the form of a disease. So, the way that the healing works is that through the understanding of the past life, that we are able to pull that up energetically by knowing the story and release it energetically.

The premise behind this healing work is that when the healing occurs at the highest level, meaning that it occurs at the level of spirit that the mind and the body will always follow. So, we are going right to the source, the spiritual source and the energetic source and so past life regression is an energy medicine technique and a healing mechanism that has many, many applications.

Healing occurs at the highest level, meaning that it occurs at the level of spirit, that the mind and the body will always follow. Click To Tweet
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