Using Your Spirit Guides to Help You

Today I want to talk about spirit guides. I think that most people feel that spirit guides are this elusive thing. And feel that some people can connect with them and others cannot, or wonder if they have a spirit guide. We all have many spirit guides around us, all the time. And so, it is a matter of knowing that they are there, and then learning how to use them.

We can learn how to connect with our spirit guides. And, part of the way that we can do that is through a past life regression, that after the death part or after you die in your past life, that you can meet with your spirit guides. But, you don’t need to go through a past life regression in order to do that. You can learn how to connect with your spirit guides through hypnosis, through meditation, and with practice over time.

It is my opinion that all human beings are psychic, in various ways and to varying degrees. And, that we are all capable of connecting with these guides. And, they are there and want to help us. It’s their job. It is their job to guide us toward situations that will help us to heal and grow. And also to keep us from danger, like when you have a gut feeling about something and feel you need to get out of there, without knowing why, that is probably one of your guides giving you a message.

And so, we are capable of having all of these experiences as human beings that people who are psychics report such as being able to learn to talk to your guides. You can learn to do this too, if you are interested in it and want to focus on practicing it enough. We are all capable of having these meaningful experiences, dreams that mean things, past life memories, soul mate reunions, or even synchronicities such as people who see 11:11, and magic or even miracles, these are experiences that our guides bring us. And we are all capable of having them, we just need to learn how it works.

One of the things that I do, as a life coach, is help people learn how to use their guides. And also learn how to connect to these experiences that are spiritual in nature that we are all capable of having.  

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