Are Your Dreams Trying to Tell You Something?

Dreams are so interesting! And, I think that most of us have dreams, even if we don’t always remember them. But, if you ask them, it has been my experience that most people can remember at least one dream that they had that really stood out. That they can recall details from at least one dream that was not only vivid, but also seemed to have a message or was trying to tell us something.

Part of the reason that dreams are so darn interesting is because they are little insights, and can even act as a portal directly into our unconscious mind, or subconscious mind, which, in my opinion, is the inner part of us where our true self, or authentic self lives. This is where the real us is, which is the part of us that knows what our hopes and our dreams are, and our deepest fears too. Some people call this part of our mind the “Authentic Self” or true self. I believe that this is also where our soul lives; the part of us that is eternal and reincarnates over many lifetimes.

So, even if we don’t know something such as a fear or hope or worry consciously, unconsciously they exist underneath. And so, our dreams are little messages directly from our unconscious mind, and, in my opinion, they are trying to tell us something. Dreams can contain elements of your past, both from your childhood as well as your past lives. People can have dreams that seem to be in a different time period, or in a different place, or maybe they look different in the dream. Or maybe they were a different gender, or a different ethnicity in their dream. It is also common to see people in dreams that maybe you don’t recognize from this life, or that will seem to be in another time or another place.

It is very common for people to experience past lives that come up in a dream. And sometimes your dream is about the present, meaning the things that you are scared of or worried about right now. These are the anxiety dreams that feature the things that you are fearful of or worried about even if you don’t know you are worried about them. This can also include the things you hope happen, such as your dreams for the future, in the right now.

It’s also possible to experience the future in a dream, or rather the possible or even probable future. This is because the future isn’t determined, as we are actively creating the future as we go along with our own choices. So, it’s possible to see something that is a potential future in your dream. I’ve had people tell me that they have experienced something like a déjà vu sensation, a feeling that they have been there before, one of those strange synchronistic moments, that they later realized was something that they had seen before, in a dream. And so, it is possible to experience the past, the present, and the possible future in your dreams.

In my opinion, there are several ways that you can tell if your dream has a specific message and is trying to tell you something.

#1- it seems to be memorable.

You wake up and you remember it. It seems fresh. It also was vivid and there were details. So, if you remember a dream and it seems to be vivid, or if you remember the same dream often and it is incredibly memorable, that might mean there is a message attached to it or something that dream is trying to tell you.

#2- it’s emotional.

If you feel a lot of emotion in your dreams, or if it feels very emotional, it might mean that your dream has a message for you. Perhaps your dreams feel fearful, scary, or sad. Or maybe it felt happy. But, generally, if a dream has a strong emotion attached to it, it means that there is something coming up from your unconscious that is connected to an emotion that you feel and is trying to tell you something.

#3- it repeats or is recurring.

The third way that you can tell if your dream is trying to tell you something is if it repeats, or recurs, or comes up often. That usually means that there is a message or that your dream is trying to tell you something.

Now, dreams are difficult because the language of dreams is usually that of symbolism. There are dream dictionaries and encyclopedias out there, and lots of resources available to look up what your dreams might mean, but in my opinion, at the end of the day, the only person that can translate your dream is YOU. This is because the symbolism that comes up in your dreams is specifically yours, or tied to you. They are your symbols the way that you see them. For example, you might see clouds in your dream and have a really positive association with them from your childhood, maybe connected with a memory of looking at the clouds with your father, being happy, it was a peaceful moment. And so, if you see clouds in your dream, you might associate that with feeling peaceful, feeling loved, or nourished by a relationship. Or, if you remember being terrified on a plane the first time you flew, and looking out the window and seeing clouds and feeling unsupported or unsafe, if you then see clouds in your dream, it might be more connected to those types of emotions. So, although dream guides can be helpful, I think that it is you and only you that can truly translate a dream.

So, once you take all of these elements into account, you can start to break it down. Take your journal out, write it down and start to track your dreams. And start to look at them as messages, that your dreams are you trying to tell you something. And that the inner you or unconscious you is trying to tell the conscious mind you something and get your attention somehow. And, since our conscious mind is often mostly asleep, as we go through the motions of life, it is our dreams that put us in touch with that rich inner self. It helps us find our authentic self.

So, if you start to look at your dreams as a message, from you or your inner self, then it starts to take on more meaning and then you can start to unravel what your dreams might mean for you.

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