Many people ask me about “Soul Contracts”, which are agreements that we have made with our various soul mates before we are born in this life.

These contracts happen during the period between lifetimes, while we are in spirit form, and are an important part of our plan for our next incarnation.

Yes, you read that correctly: you planned this life.

You chose it.

I have heard many of my clients describe this process during a past life regression, saying that they decided what body to choose, what family to be born into, and what challenges they will take on to maximize their potential for learning and growth in this lifetime.

Some people say that this planning happens solely on their own, while others say that they have spirit guides advising them, but that ultimately the choices we make for our next incarnation are ours and ours alone.

But, we cannot achieve this growth on our own, we need each other to present lessons and opportunities.

And so, we make “Soul Contracts” with our various soul mates that are about how, when, and where we will cross paths with each other in the next life – and WHY.

These contracts can be brief and fleeting, resolved in a few hours or days, or they can last for an entire lifetime.

For example, you and a certain soul mate might decide that they will be your mother in this life.

That soul mate might be working on being more selfless and you might be working on how to better receive love rather than just giving it.

Another example could be that you and a soul mate decide that you will meet in your early 20’s and have a love affair.

Perhaps that affair turned into a beautiful relationship, or maybe it was filled with drama, betrayal, and a painful breakup.

It is important to note that the “Soul Contract” doesn’t dictate how it will end and two people who have entered into it will respond.

It only represents a choice, a fork in the road, and a new path to follow.

Some of these “Soul Contract” choices are difficult.

They represent higher levels of healing and of giving and receiving love in all of its’ forms.

Take some time to reflect on some of your own “Soul Contracts”:

Who has turned everything upside down, or changed how you view life?

Which of your soul mates showed up to present you with choices and a new path?

Our connections with others and being in relationship with a soul mate is in of itself a powerful spiritual practice, as we are all here to help each other learn and grow.

And its through our “Soul Contracts” that we do that.

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