Past Life Regression: Using the Past to Open Your Future

A past life regression is a technique that I use to guide my clients through the process of uncovering memories from their past lives. The word “regression” means to return, go back to a former state, or revisit something from your past. And so, a past life regression takes you back in time to experience memories that occurred before you were born in this life. A past life regression allows you to actually remember who you were before and what happened to you in your past lives in vivid detail.

It is a fascinating and profound experience. Beyond fulfilling an enormous curiosity that most people obviously have about the mystery that is their own incarnations and past lives, there are also many practical applications for a past life regression. What I mean by this is that knowledge of you were in your past lives and past life memories can be used as practical tool to help you navigate your life today.

Like all good life coaches, I began doing this work through my own direct life experience. I underwent a past life regression that found me, or my consciousness and the part of myself that I think of as “I”, in a different body than I am in now. This was a truly incredible moment for me, one that completely shattered my previous perception of who I thought myself to be.

During the experience of recalling memories from my own past lives, I was able to not just believe in the concept of reincarnation, but I saw and felt it firsthand. I experienced my own past lives. This created an instant spiritual realization for me that death is not the end and that there is so much more to our existence than just this one lifetime.

After this past life regression, I began to feel that life was not random rather filled with deep purpose and meaning. And, experiencing my own past lives also allowed me to completely alter the course of my life. It helped me see what had happened in my past that was informing the choices that I had been making in my life today, and even that some of what I was living had been based on patterns I had been repeating over many lifetimes. It showed me where I was stuck, and what I needed to change in order to move forward and break these patterns.

I knew right away that I had discovered an incredibly powerful tool that can transform lives in so many ways. And so, I have been sharing this experience ever since, guiding others through the process of past life regression and coaching them through the subsequent life changes that they can create from knowing their past lives.

What most people find surprising is how much of a multi-sensory experience a past life regression is. Meaning, they often will “see” themselves or where they are, and also sense or feel where they are in place and time. There can be smells from these past lives that they experience, or even physical sensation such as feeling heavy clothing on themselves. The point of view from which most people experience a past life regression is as if you are actually in the body of your former, past life self in a specific moment in time looking out of your own eyes. For example, you might look around and see that you are in the desert and look down and see that you are wearing a long robe, and then sense or feel that you are in ancient Egypt and are a large man, even if you look very different right now.

Experiencing “yourself”, the part of you that you call “me”, or your consciousness in a new body and a new form is one of those moments that can be incredibly life changing, as the realization that who “you” are has nothing at all to do with your body or your looks, or even your gender, ethnicity, identity, etc. For most people, this is a deep truth that completely alters how they view themselves and others, and often can even erase prejudice in many forms as they come to realize first hand that we are all just souls and not bodies.   

In addition to this shift in identity that can occur by using past life regression, there are also many other ways that doing past life work can help you in your life today. I work with many people who suffer from phobias, which are fears that have an unknown root or origin. The premise behind how this works is the idea that our past lives are not in the past, but are rather impacting us in some way in your life today, only subconsciously. Because our subconscious minds can rule much of our behavior without us even knowing it, a past life regression uncovers these past life memories from where they are buried so we can consciously analyze and then understand them.

What this means is that a phobia or a deep-rooted fear, if it comes from a traumatic event that occurred in a past life it can be renegotiated unconsciously or even cured completely just by recalling that event. For example, I once worked with a woman who had an extreme fear of flying. She would experience intense panic attacks upon seeing the airplane and her phobia was preventing her from a job promotion she was offered that would involve extensive air travel. During her past life regression, she recalled a past life as a Japanese kamikaze pilot during WWII. Her death in that past life was a terrifying experience, a fiery crash after plummeting from the sky in her plane at a high speed. After recalling this past life, her phobia completely disappeared and she was able to fly in airplanes without panic. The experience was no longer subconscious, she knew consciously that it had happened to her before in a past life and was able to remind herself of that and let that past life go.

Many of my clients come to me because they say that they feel “stuck” in life, as if they are repeating the same patterns over and over and can’t move forward. The experience of a past life regression allows you insight into what the “story” is from your past that highlights what is holding you back. Sometimes this involves a different way of thinking and negative thoughts or beliefs. Other times it is specific behavior or patterns of behavior that need to change. Most often it is both.

I have seen my clients consciously break bad relationship patterns and then go on to meet and marry a soul mate. I have witnessed many individuals get rid of self-defeating behaviors or feelings of low self-worth that had plagued them for years. People can heal depression and inconsolable grief by way of finding what happened before, in a past life that was keeping them in that state.

I have also had clients find the confidence to begin new careers after recalling talents and skills that they had in past lives. One client I worked with years ago recalled being an artist, a painter of some renown in a past life. This experience was the push she needed to finally take action toward fulfilling her long time dream of becoming a decorator. She now has a successful and thriving decorating business. 

A past life regression can also be used as a tool to navigate the areas in your life that need to be fixed, mended, or healed in some way. In Kabbalah, this concept is called tikkun, but many other world traditions have described similar concepts. From my own experience, as well as what I have learned working with my clients over the years, there seems to be a process over many lifetimes in which we choose to reincarnate in order to challenge ourselves so we can learn, grow, and become better or more spiritually evolved. And, this process seems to be unique to each of us as individuals in that we all have our own “homework” to do in each life based on what we have done in previous lifetimes.

There does, however, seem to be one universal theme in all of these lessons: love. The lessons we seem to reincarnate to learn are about love in all of its’ forms, including romantic love, self-love, charity, compassion, service, partnership, etc. But, we are all doing our own work in our own way and in our own time. A past life regression is just one way you can help yourself to move forward on your path as you learn and begin to live these lessons.

To me, a past life regression represents the idea that we all can be empowered to our own, unique spiritual journey. And, we can choose to evolve consciously by having access to the knowledge of where we have already been. Past life regression is a chance to not just believe or have faith that there is a greater design and purpose to our existence, it is a chance to experience it directly. It can help you to know more about who you are, why you are here, and even to discover what your unique, divine purpose is in life.

I believe as more people today experience their past lives through past life regression, consciously create a shift and bring about real change in their lives, embrace these lessons about love and become the best self they can be, perhaps we can even create a new era here on planet earth. A new era that features more love, more peace, and more understanding. And, perhaps the lessons of the past even hold the key to the future: a future that represents the highest destiny of each individual, as well as all of humanity.

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