What If I Can’t Do A Past Life Regression?

I want to talk today about one of the biggest concerns that I hear people have about the experience of a past life regression. Most people are worried that they can’t do it. People ask me, what if I do a past life regression and nothing happens, or if I don’t see anything? I want you to know that you can remember your past lives.

Now, obviously, everyone has different personalities and different capacities for relaxation. And, the biggest factor for success in a past life regression is in your ability to relax and let go. Some people’s minds are just naturally busier than others. So, it takes practice for some people more than others. People who often meditate or who are able to sit still and focus on something for long periods of time are able to do this a little bit easier. But, it is my opinion that everyone can do this, it is just a matter of relaxing and allowing it to happen, to let go.

And then there is also the disbelief that people have that what they are seeing or experiencing is real. I get people that ask, how do I know if I’m making this up? So, we also have to let our minds to flow in that space and let things come unfettered, to let things flow without worrying about if it is really your past life or not. You will have plenty of time after the regression to figure out what is fantasy, or projection, or what is actual memory. And, an actual memory will feel a lot more emotional.

The way that you can experience a past life is that you relax enough to open up that space, to communicate with your soul, and with your spirit guides. It is my opinion that it all comes from spirit, and your spirit guides are going to show you your past lives.

So rather than worry about whether or not it is going to work, really try to focus on just being open, being open-minded, not judging yourself and what you might experience and see or know or feel, and really just allowing the process to happen.

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