Do Phobias Come From a Past Life?

Are phobias connected to our past lives? Where do phobias come from? The way we define phobia is that it is a fear that has an unknown origin, meaning it is a fear that we can’t trace to any trauma that we have experienced in this life. Some people do have traumatic experiences in their childhood that can end up triggering a phobia, but the response is often large enough that it seems disproportionate, or that it doesn’t make sense. For example, you were locked in closet for an hour as a kid, and now all of a sudden you have a deep fear of tight spaces.

For people who experience phobias they are deeply profound, these intense fears are not things that they can just talk themselves out of. And, phobias can even impact their lives in a very negative way. The phobia can end up ruling much of their behavior or even running their life. I know people who have a fear of flying that is so profound that they don’t travel at all. So, these phobias are incredibly significant to the people that are experiencing them.

It has been my experience in the years I have spent doing past life regression and helping people uncover memories from their past lives, that phobias usually do have root in trauma that these people have experienced before, in a past life. Meaning, there is a story, or something that has happened to you before in a past life that has carried over emotionally or energetically in the form of a fear, and then you were born with it in this life.

So, the way that you can uncover the root cause of these phobias is to find that story, in a past life. And, it has been my experience that most people’s phobias subside or even disappear completely upon learning what the past life connection was to that fear. For example, for people who have a fear of flying, I have seen them remember being a Japanese kamikaze fighter pilot in World War II in a past life and had a terrifying death by fire, and after remembering that their conscious mind was able to separate that experience from now, in this life. And then, they no longer fear flying. This is because the trauma we experience in a past life, we end up carrying it with us, and we don’t know it. It is being held energetically and unconsciously, and these end up being really powerful. So, if you do have a phobia, or a fear that you can’t really trace to an experience that you have had in this life, you might want to try to find if there’s a past life reason behind that phobia. And then, that will help you to release it.

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