In fact, we are constantly in a state of change that happens in our lives just by nature of being human, both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We are even experiencing continual metamorphosis on a cellular level, as the building blocks that make up our bodies and organs are not static and fixed but rather always changing and we all experience the cycle of life, death and rebirth within us perpetually.

Most of us experience this change unconsciously, allowing the process of change to happen “to us”, or even choosing to avoid change at all cost due to our inherent fear of the unknown.

But it is also possible to mindfully choose to change, to decide to walk a new path, embrace new ideas or philosophies, and adjust your behavior.

When we decide to change, it is usually based on the gaining of new knowledge, information, experience, or realization that the path we are on and the person that we are walking that path is not who we want to be.

For example, you might realize that you have some unhealthy habits, make bad money decisions, or discover some prejudice or bias you possess – and as a result, you decide to make changes and new choices that reflect that new awareness.

When we mindfully choose to create change based on a new level of awareness that we have gained, it is no longer just change, but rather transformation.

Our change in perspective means that we can no longer go back to the way we were before, as our eyes have been opened to a new reality and then we must shift and become a new person, one that reflects who we have become by that change in our awareness.

I often like to say that you don’t need to wait until you die to reincarnate- to change your life, your ways, your habits, your attitudes, the way that you look at others, your worldview, how you show up, how and who you love.

In fact, you can choose who you want to become and each and every new day is an opportunity to transform into the person that you want to be.

Choose reincarnation and become the best, most powerful, most giving, most loving version of yourself that you can be – right now, in this life.

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