When working with someone to explore their own past life memories, I have noticed that there are a few moments that happen during the experience that are often incredibly profound.

The first of these moments happen when my client looks down (in their minds’ eye) and can see that they are in a different body in their past life than the one that they occupy right now.

I often hear people gasp, or even laugh when they have this moment, especially since the body they had in a past life more often than not looks entirely different than the one they have now.

Sometimes they are a different gender, ethnicity or race, or can have a different body type or physical features.

This moment that happens during a past life exploration often shatters a person’s perception of who they previously thought themselves to be, their very identity.

They very quickly realize by having this experience that who they “are” is not their body, as they had a different body in a past life.

And then, the other pivotal moment happens after I guide that person through their death in their past life, and afterwards tell them to “leave that body” –

Most people experience a sensation change at that moment and can even see the body that they had just been occupying (in a past life) from the perspective of floating above it.

That moment, when they realize that the part of them that holds their consciousness, or their awareness, their personality, and their memories, is separate from their body is absolutely amazing and incredibly inspiring.

When you explore your past lives, you can know by way of your own direct experience that who you are has nothing to do with your body, that you have had many different bodies and forms over many lifetimes, and that after you die that your soul continues to exist.

You can discover that you are not body, you are a soul.

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