Today is the advent of the fall equinox, a moment in time when the northern and southern hemispheres both receive an equal amount of light.

Along with the spring equinox, as well as the summer and winter solstices, this is a celestial event that serves to remind all of us here on planet earth of our connection to nature and its’ ever-turning cycles – and, that there can be balance, equal parts, fairness, justice, and equality that does exist in the world, quite naturally.

If you live in the northern hemisphere as I do, the fall equinox is considered the first day of the season of autumn (and in the southern hemisphere it is the season of spring), which is a time of harvest, reaping the rewards of your hard work, acknowledging blessings and abundance.

Whenever the seasons change, it is always so evident that there are cycles of life, death, and rebirth that are constantly happening around us in nature.

The leaves on the trees turn colors and then fall to the ground, giving their organic matter back to the soil so new life can return in the spring.

I always say that when one spends time in nature, especially in the fall it would be far more difficult to not believe in reincarnation, as this process is happening all around us all the time.

This moment, when the earth sits in perfect balance between equal day and night, is a perfect time to use this energy to explore the idea of balance in your own life.

As the light begins to shift away from light to a darker time of year, the equinox is a wonderful time for reflection: what have you achieved this past year?

What did you grow and gather?

How can you bring more balance into your life?

What should you be doing more of, and less of?

This day is the balance point between a powerful energetic shift, one that reminds us that life is about constant change – and our lives and bodies work better when we allow ourselves to surrender to this change and shift our energies to bring more balance.

I encourage each of you to use this powerful day to reflect, to rest, to spend some time in nature if you can, and notice these beautiful cycles of nature that are happening outside of us, and inside of us as well.

Happy Fall Equinox!

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