It is often said that the “past is in the past”, meaning that events in the past or things that have happened before no longer have an impact on what is happening right now, in the present.

But this is actually not true – the past (including your past lives) will always continue to inform where you are right now, in the present day.

Not only do we look to the past and history in order to learn from it, and (hopefully) not repeat mistakes we have made, but we all carry our past around with us today on an energetic level.

I often explain to people that it isn’t the past life per se that is impacting your life right now, but rather how that past life made us feel – the joy, bliss, passion, love, guilt, loss, anger, fear, pain, and all of the other emotions that come along during the path of life in human form.

These emotional energies are literally the rocks in our pocket that contain pieces of our past lives that we bring with us into our current life and continue to live on in our lives today.

And because it is mostly unconscious it can create behavior that can be difficult to understand, patterns that you are repeating (sometimes over many lifetimes) and limiting belief systems that are holding you back – only often you don’t realize it.

There is a wonderful quote by Carl Jung that says, “Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate”, which explains exactly how this happens – we think our lives are “fated” and therefore out of our control, when it is often just our past coming back to haunt us.

When you can become aware of your past on a more conscious level, you can begin to understand the events of the past, heal from any pain or trauma you are carrying with you, and release any emotions that you don’t want to continue carrying with you from your past lives.

But your past will always exist in the present as it is the journey that has led you to become the person that you are, right now, today.

After all, you have worked hard to earn all of that wisdom over many lifetimes – you may as well use it!

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