All of us are born with a sense of an “inner knowing”, or what is often called intuition.

In fact, I believe that intuition is an integral part of being human and is a gift we are given, a built-in guidance system to help us navigate our lives here on planet earth.

Most of us look at intuition or psychic abilities as something of a mystery, or an ethereal, strange phenomenon.

And even though we have direct experience with intuitive information, we often find that it is difficult to trust, especially because we cannot validate it with logic or facts.

But yet, intuitive or psychic information is actually constantly coming at us, only sometimes we are not aware of it because we either aren’t paying attention or have not yet learned how to interpret or receive it.

I think that most of us can recall a situation when we either “just knew” something was going to happen, or thought of someone just a few minutes before they called or we ran into them, knew on the spot whether or not you could trust someone, had a dream that foretold an event that actually happened, experienced coincidences or synchronicities such as seeing repeating numbers or a name – or you had a feeling or a hunch about something that you did not follow (and later regretted it!).

I believe that it is a matter of learning how your own intuition works for you, as each of us experience it uniquely, in our own way.

Some people “see” things in their minds’ eye, others will “feel” or just “know”.

It is different for everyone, and your relationship with your own intuition can even change over time as you work to develop and explore it.

In fact, intuition is a language.

It is a direct line of communication that you have with your own inner self, or what I like to call your Soul – which is the part of you that is ancient, wise, eternal, and has lived many past lives.

Intuition is the language of the Soul – and if you learn it there is so much you can know.

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