We have all made agreements before we were born with our various soul mates.

These agreements, or “Soul Contracts” are mutually decided upon and involve when and how we would meet, but more importantly – why our paths would cross and what we are supposed to be working on that involves karma from our shared past lives.

The term “Karma” in Sanskrit means “action”, and according to the Law of Karma, for every action there is a reaction.

Karma is about righting a wrong, achieving balance.

Which means that it is an interchange, a flow between two people, and that Karma is not a lone venture, but rather a joint undertaking.

Karma is something that we are actively creating together, with the important people in our lives, and is not about punishment – it is about learning, growth, and healing.

And, the way that we achieve this healing is by way of the Soul Contracts that we have with the important people in our lives.

Soul Contracts are not always easy to fulfill – in fact, they can be incredibly difficult or even painful.

Karmic unions are often about reuniting with a soulmate many times over many lifetimes by way of shared pain or even trauma bonds.

We meet our various soulmates – whether it is a parent, child, friend, neighbor, lover, or spouse, in order to help each other clear karma and master the lessons that we reincarnated here on planet earth to learn.

Our Soul Contracts are binding agreements by way of the Law of Karma that we make in order to help each other along the often rocky, arduous path through many lifetimes.

The best way to navigate these Soul Contracts is to be mindful of them, to work on recognizing the lessons that appear by way of a soul mate, work on finding forgiveness, understanding, compassion.

And, finding out the “past life story” behind your agreement can help you navigate your Soul Contract more consciously and help you understand more about your soul mate bond.

Soul Contracts are karmic ties that bind – and what we are bound by is love, as well as the desire to help each other heal and grow.

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