This quote by the 12th c. Persian mystic poet Hafiz is one of my favorites.

In fact, I have a plaque next to my desk where I work that features this quote and I look at it every day and am constantly inspired by it.

It captures such a deep truth, that of course we have these “human moments” when we feel lonely, depressed, overwhelmed, have lost hope, or are in darkness, but these moments come when we become disconnected with our own, inner light.

It is true that we are spiritual beings who are currently having a human experience – which is often tough and fraught with challenges.

But, when we can remember that who we really are, our true identity lies beyond the physical realm and that we are these beautiful, eternal beings who have (yes) chosen to be here, right now on planet earth.

We are here to navigate these challenges, learn and grow from them, help to bring healing to the world, raise the vibration of consciousness, and create much-needed changes to society that feature more inclusivity, true equality, and love.

Yes, this is a difficult quest, but you came here with your light to do it.

You are the light, and the beauty of that light is astonishing.

And whenever you need to see it, I would love to show you.

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