Today is our lucky day!

Did you know that Friday the 13th got a bad rap and its reputation as an “unlucky day” due to a smear campaign against women that began at the advent of early Christianity?

Traditionally, Friday is associated with the goddess Freya, the goddess of sex and fertility (basically the Norse equivalent of the goddess Venus) who was often depicted with a cat.

The number 13 is an auspicious number connected with both the divine feminine and the lunar calendar.

Most women have 13 menstrual cycles a year, as our bodies are in sync with the moon and the lunar calendar, not the solar calendar.

There is a 27,000 year old carving called the “Earth Mother of Laussel” found near the Lascaux caves in France that depicted a female earth goddess holding a crescent moon shape with 13 notches carved into it, believed to represent the sacred cycles of women, fertility, and life itself.

And so, in ancient times Friday the 13th would have been considered a very sacred day for the divine feminine.

At the advent of the era of the patriarchy who sought to eliminate the worship of the divine feminine and began calling powerful, spirited women “witches”, debasing these ancient, feminine, earth-centered beliefs in order to establish masculine rule.

(Fun fact– in many pagan traditions it takes a gathering of 13 to make a “coven”).

In Rome and England they began holding executions on Fridays, spreading rumors that “bad things happen on Friday” – but especially Friday the 13th.

But no! This is not an “unlucky” day – it is an auspicious, lucky day for celebrating life, womanhood, the earth, cycles in nature, sex, transformation, fertility, and the divine feminine.

Let’s stop letting this outdated, patriarchal smear campaign against this powerful day allow us to think that it is a day of “bad luck” (in fact, let’s stop the patriarchy and what they represent completely!).

Let’s reclaim history and our feminine power and from now on, honor this day for what it truly is- The Day of the Goddess.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Go dance naked under the moonlight, and don’t forget to bring your cats.

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