Life in a human body on planet earth is challenging.

Ok, so maybe I am being a champion of the obvious with this statement, but I think that it’s important to acknowledge that none of us just skate through life without facing obstacles, suffering, painful experiences, loss, disappointment, and more.

This is true in our past lives as well, as most of what my clients work through during a past life regression are the difficult things that happened to us before, in other time periods, places, and when we had different bodies.

Of course, there are beautiful and wonderful things about our past lives (and this life too) – the magical moments, feelings of accomplishment, adventure, connection, and deep love that we remember as well.

But one of the reasons that we choose to reincarnate, to come back and live another life in human form is to learn how to overcome these various challenges.

We often hear the quote, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, but I disagree – death doesn’t mean we didn’t overcome.

And sometimes it does kill you (in a past life), but that doesn’t mean it didn’t make you stronger.

Because death is not the end, we live on in different lives, bodies, forms, these struggles and challenges continue over many lifetimes as we learn different ways to triumph and conquer all of the tests and trials that life throws our way.

This quote really grabbed me, as I think that it captures the depth and magnitude of our previous experiences here on planet earth in the many, many past lives we have all lived before.

We have all been destroyed in a thousand ways.

But guess what?

Now we know a thousand ways to rebuild ourselves.

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