Most of us look in the mirror and think, “yeah, that’s me”.

But is it? No, it is not.

What you see reflected back to you in the mirror is not “you”, but rather only the body that you are currently occupying.

The person who is the “I” that is looking into the mirror, or the capital S “Self” is something that is much larger.

It is our consciousness (or what many call our soul) which is ancient, eternal, and has lived before in many past lives.

There are so many different ways that we define ourselves including our looks, background, ethnicity, skin color, gender, sexuality, profession, and social position.

We even look to our habits, our community, our beliefs, our personal relationships, and even our experiences as ways that we create our identity.

For example, when someone asks you “who are you?”, how do you respond?

Most of us have a story that we tell about who we are based on all of the ways we have formed our identity: I am a mother, a son, friend, employee.

I am tall, short, brown-eyed, blue-eyed, dark haired, light skinned.

I am an Atheist, a Catholic, a salesperson, a teacher, an artist, a humanitarian.

I am a survivor, an optimist, a feminist – I think you get the picture.

When we begin to uncover memories from our past lives, we can see that all of the ways that we identify ourselves based on just this one lifetime are limited in scope, as we pull the curtain open a bit wider and can see that we have lived before in many past lives, with a vast number of experiences and countless different identities.

By doing past life work you can discover that this one lifetime does not define you, and even allow you to look at your identity as fluid, ever shifting, changing, and not fixed, rigid, or something you are “stuck in”.

And, because you have been everything before in your past lives, and are therefore not limited by your identity- that means you can become anything you want to be!

Your past lives give you the freedom to create your own identity.

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