I am and always have been a total “history nerd”.

I love stories from the past from almost any time period and from any place in the world.

When I do dress up for Halloween, the costumes I choose are almost always historical in nature or a throwback to another era.

(See a few of my most cherished Halloween looks over the years below…)

Almost all of my favorite novels, films, and TV shows are period pieces and are set in the past and there is a certain nostalgia for the “days of yore” that I feel like I have always carried with me.

And so, when I began discovering the stories of my own past lives, to me it felt like a chance to experience my very own historical drama based on my own soul’s history.

But more than just being really interesting and some good armchair adventure, your past lives give you a valuable treasure trove of information about yourself: where you have been before, what you did, any mistakes you have made in the past, and even patterns that keep repeating over many lifetimes.

The great Winston Churchill famously said, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, which I believe is true both personally and collectively as a society.

I believe that when you study the past, you can discover more about the present and even predict the future, based on what you have learned from where we have been before.

Your past lives are your own, unique, personal history – the history of your soul.

And your soul’s history is definitely worth studying.

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