I didn’t grow up believing in reincarnation.

Like most kids in middle America, it just wasn’t a concept that I was exposed to by way of my family and community.

But, when I experienced it myself, and could see, feel and know my own past lives, I not only became a believer in reincarnation – it became my own, personal, found truth.

To me, spirituality is about self-inquiry, the process of questioning who we really are, why we are here, and the very nature of existence itself.

This has nothing to do with a specific religion or belief system but is rather a very personal journey of self-discovery.

Once you become aware of your past lives, and discover that you have lived before, in countless forms, bodies, places, and times, you can begin to form a new identity for yourself.

Instead of looking in the mirror and thinking, “this is who I am”, you will see yourself as a vast, eternal, beautiful soul who has chosen to reincarnate and be here now in this body, this place, and this time period.

These are challenging times right now here on planet earth, with crises such as war, famine, sickness, poverty, prejudice, hate, injustice, misuse of power, divisiveness, misinformation, and much more surrounding us.

Many of us can feel incredibly helpless in the face of these challenges, wondering what we can do and how we can contribute to healing these wounds that are afflicting so many and causing so much pain and suffering.

But, in order to change the world, we first must create change within ourselves.

Uncovering your past lives and changing your view of yourself, as well as others, is a powerful way to “be the change” and help to create a shift in consciousness inside of yourself that will ripple outwards and contribute to the global shift happening that will benefit all beings, everywhere.

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