It has often been said that we can understand what is happening right now, in the present through the study of history.

This is because it was the events of the past that created the reality that we are living today, in the present moment.

This is true with both our collective history as a civilization and our own, personal history- meaning the many past lives that we have had.

When you begin to uncover memories from your own past lives, over time you can study them and find patterns or themes that are woven into your past life stories.

Your past lives can help you see the “big picture” view of where you have been before and help you to make better sense of the life that you are living right now.

And, once we understand the present, we can then even begin to predict what will happen in the future, based on what we have learned from the past.

However, it is important to remember that the future is not determined – in fact, we are always creating the future with our choices.

Your past lives can be a powerful tool, or a blueprint for understanding who you are right now and help you decide who you would like to become.

Your own history spans many centuries and numerous lifetimes and is worth studying.

In fact, your past lives are a map of your soul’s journey over many lifetimes, one that can help you navigate the present and choose which path you will take in the future.

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