I think we can all agree that death and what lies beyond death is still the “great mystery”.

Death is the one thing that we know we can count on, as we will all someday face the moment when our body dies and the life we are currently living comes to an end.

The question of what happens after we die was a burning one for me when I was young and is what led me on a lifelong quest for knowledge about life, death, and what lies beyond death.

I had experienced a lot of death of loved ones at a very early age, including the death of my mother when I was only 2 years old, and this experience inspired me to understand exactly what death was and if there was an afterlife.

The first time I experienced one of my own past lives, I saw that I had a different body than I do now.

And when that past life body died, I witnessed that my consciousness, or my sense of “self” survived that death and continued to exist.

I experienced that my thoughts, memories, and even the bonds of love that I shared with others while I lived that past life also came with me after transitioning from physical form into spirit.

I also saw that after that death I was born again, in a new body and into another lifetime.

I have learned that the cycles of life, death, and rebirth turn continually and are possibly even never ending.

To me, it is one thing to believe that there is an afterlife, but it’s quite another to experience it directly.

One of the most powerful aspects of exploring your own past lives is that you can form your own beliefs about death and what lies after this life based on your own experience – which then can become your own, personal, found truth.

Death is not the end; it is only a new beginning.

It is a doorway that leads us to a new phase of our journey over many lifetimes.

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