Today is Valentine’s Day, a day that we traditionally celebrate romantic love and partnership.

Now, I know that it one of those “Hallmark Holidays”, but it is true that everyone loves to think about love, dream about love, and be “in love”.

As an expert in past lives, far and away the topic I get the most questions about are that of soul mates: Who are they? When will I meet one? And is my wife/husband/partner my soul mate?

The truth is, we have many soul mates.

In fact, I define the term “soul mate” as anyone you have known before, in a past life.

Now obviously, there are a few more important players in your past life stories than others, people you have loved deeply before and have been separated by death, only to reunite again in this life – this is definitely real-life romantic stuff.

But there is no such thing as finding the “one”, as there are many soul mates that we meet at different times in life for different reasons.

And it is important to remember that just because someone is your soul mate does not mean it will be an “easy relationship”.

In fact, because your soul mate is a powerful mirror that will reflect all of the places that you need to heal and grow, being in a relationship with one will force you to do some real work on yourself.

Now this doesn’t mean that you should stay with the soul mate who is negligent, emotionally unavailable, or even abusive just because they are your soul mate – the challenge to learn and grow goes both ways, and if your soul mate can’t step up then as difficult as that may be, you move on.

A soul mate relationship that is navigated consciously and honored as a divine union of two spiritual beings will allow you to experience love on many different levels, including the highest form of love: spiritual love, which is the love that will heal the world.

A soul mate relationship is a spiritual path.

Happy Valentine’s Day! May you all find love everywhere you look both today and every day.

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