Many of us think that when someone is psychic, that means that person has access to knowledge or realms that other people do not.

This is not true, as all human beings have intuitive abilities that are unique to each of us as individuals.

In fact, the word “psychic” comes from the Greek word “psychikos” which means “of the soul”, so the very definition of the word implies that these abilities come from our own soul, something that we all possess.

Now, that doesn’t mean that some of us are born with a more natural talent in this arena and seem to be able to tap into that “inner knowing” with more ease than others.

I like to compare it to being born with musical talent or athletic abilities; being naturally gifted doesn’t change that fact that it is a skill that you need to develop, study, practice, build muscles, and strengthen those skills over time.

Many of my clients are pleasantly surprised to discover that they are intuitive, despite having never considered themselves to be.

In my opinion, this is because we don’t discuss these topics very openly in our culture (I’m trying to change that!) and many of us think that the idea of having intuitive abilities is strange, scary, weird, “supernatural” – but they are actually really normal.

These abilities manifest themselves differently for everyone: some people have vivid dreams of events that happen later, experience a “just knowing” about a person or situation, a déjà vu sensation, messages from loved ones who have passed, a visual picture that comes to your mind, a feeling such as goosebumps that washes over you, and much more.

The most important thing to remember is that you have to trust in your own abilities before you can make them work for you, and when you have these experiences don’t doubt them – they come from your soul and are how your soul speaks to you.

Your job is to listen.

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