One of the things I often hear people ask me when contemplating doing a past life regression is “what if I don’t have a past life to remember?”

Well, I suppose it is possible to be totally new here on planet earth and have never reincarnated before, but in my opinion that scenario is very highly unlikely.

This is because the way that I have come to view life is that it is a kind of school.

And because we are beings who learn by doing, we repeatedly return back here to earth in new bodies in order to have these experiences that will teach us and allow us to grow.

And, because life on planet earth today is well, a little bit more complicated than it has been in the past we need to come in having already passed at least a few grades in this school of life.

If you are a student of history like I am, you can see by looking back at the past that our society has evolved and changed over time.

Due to technology, travel opportunities, communication, and complex social structures and institutions the lessons we are confronted with in the 2020’s are much less simple than they were in the 1520’s or even the relatively recent hundred years ago in the 1920’s.

So, what I like to say jokingly (but also truthfully) to people that believe that they don’t have a past life is that if you landed here on planet earth for the first time right now, then you are more than likely in the wrong place.

Life today is challenging and is requiring all of us to bring vast stores of wisdom with us that we have already learned over many lifetimes.

You can access that wisdom and use it to navigate your life today, to see where you have already been and remind yourself of the lessons already learned.

Your past lives don’t exist in a far away, ethereal dream world – they are a part of you.

You have lived many lifetimes and have existed in countless forms.

These past lives are all inside of you, waiting to be discovered.

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