One thing I have noticed over the years doing past life regression is that many of my clients who seem to have mastered love in its’ giving form often have a much harder time receiving it.

What I mean by this is that many of us who are kind, charitable, compassionate, selfless, and giving have become so by way of learning lessons over many lifetimes about love and know that love is something that we need to share and to give to others.

This is how we evolve and grow over many lifetimes, by learning to be beings who are more loving, but what I have come to realize is that lessons about getting the love that you so freely give back to you seems to be a bit of a higher “grade level” in the school that is life in human form.

And what I have come to realize is that the seat, or fulcrum that balances this idea of love generously flowing equally both inwards and outwards from us is the belief that love is something that we inherently deserve to receive, through no actions or effort on our part.

This is what it means when people talk about “self-love” or having that belief that love is available to you for no other reason than because you ARE love.

I’m not talking about self-love from an ego perspective, although having a bit of confidence and even a strong sense of entitlement is important – I am talking about a deep, inner, spiritual love for yourself.

This is the kind of love that allows you to have compassion for yourself, to embrace your gifts and struggles, to see yourself as innately royal and deserving, a king or a queen.

This is really hard stuff, and like I mentioned I have seen some of the most evolved people I have met struggle with this.

In fact, many highly evolved souls choose families, partners, and situations in their current lives that will challenge this lesson in a much deeper way, experiencing abuse or neglect, and even being shown a lack of love by others who are still learning lessons on how to give it.

These challenges serve to allow you a chance to overcome them, which will give you a chance to elevate yourself and discover this higher, more spiritual level of love.

Love in its’ highest form is self-love.

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