As human beings, we tend to want to feel like we are in control of our lives.

I believe that it is a part of the human condition, that we all have things that we want and desire.

And we even cling to the idea that we know how and when those things will manifest in our lives, or even if those things are what’s best for us and serve our higher good.

Even the wisest among us have had moments where they felt desperate to stay in control of the events of their lives to the point of desperate behavior.

But it is important to notice that the idea that we are in control of everything that happens to us is a total illusion.

Things happen.

Sometimes unexpectedly and without warning.

Of course, this need we have to feel in control is a way to handle our fear of the unknown, or our fear of loss or failure.

We think that we know what we want and what is best for our lives, so we cling to it.

But, when you hold on too tight to a rope, your hands are going to get burned.

And it often works the same way in life.

Now, it is true that we are all powerful manifesters and we all have the ability to create our lives by way of going after our goals and having dreams.

But that is more of a “big picture” view, and the best way to manifest something into your life is to not be attached to the details such as who, how, and when.

There is such a thing as “right thing, wrong timing”, or “close, but no cigar” –

But it is important to remember that although we think we want something, perhaps there is something better for us that lies ahead if we just decide to let go and allow.

Keep your focus on your goals and desires, but then allow them to show up how and when they will – sometimes the universe has better plans for us then we could ever possibly make ourselves.

I love this quote from 17th c. poet and samurai Mizuta Masahide, “My barn, having burned down, I can now see the moon”.

When things fall apart, let them.

Because then you will see the moon.

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