As human beings, we often look to each other for answers.

It is true of course that we can get insight and valuable information from scholars and experts about different topics or courses of study.

But it is important to remember that the preeminent and most renowned expert in world on yourself, your life, and your own choices on your unfolding path is YOU.

We have all done this, asking different people for advice on what to do, often getting conflicting answers.

A well-meaning friend, a spouse, a therapist, a teacher, your boss at work – all of these people can tell you what they think you should do or the choices you should make.

Sometimes they are even right and give you advice that might be in your best interest and comes from a place of love.

But the most honest truth that exists in the world is the truth that is your own, individual, found truth.

When you are in a place of seeking or looking for answers it is important to check the source of that truth and look within.

It is from a place of stillness that we can tap into our own, inner knowing.

I believe that this inner place is also where we can connect with our own soul, that part of us that is old and wise and eternal and has experienced life in many forms, over many lifetimes.

And that when we look within, we can find the answers that we are seeking.

This is why I believe that the experience of a past life regression is much different than going to see a psychic or an astrologer to get a past life reading.

It might be interesting or even make a lot of sense when someone else tells you who you were in a past life.

But it isn’t necessarily going to be life changing, as it doesn’t come from that place of inner knowing that makes that information your own, found truth.

I like to joke with my clients that I could tell you who you were in a past life, but I would rather show you – so you can experience it yourself.

The answers all lie within. We just need to know where to look for them.

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