Full Harvest Moon: Reap What You Sow

The Full Harvest Moon is happening today, which is the full moon that happens each year closest to the Autumn Equinox if you happen to live in the Northern Hemisphere. (If you are in the Southern Hemisphere right now it’s the Spring Equinox).

Since ancient times, farmers saw this full moon as an indicator that it was time to harvest their crops, using the light of the moon as an opportunity to work well into the night to gather up all of the bounty they had created since the time of planting in the spring.

The harvest is always seen as a time of celebration in every culture, that the earth had yielded and granted them grain and vegetables and fruit that they had worked hard to cultivate and grow.

And so, even if you are not a farmer, this Full Harvest Moon is a powerful time for all of us to take notice of how hard we have worked to get to where we are right now.

Some traditions see this time of year as a “new beginning”, honoring the idea that there are constant cycles happening in nature and any point of “arrival” or ending only heralds an impending rebirth and renewal.

In the season of Autumn, The Earth in her infinite wisdom gives us all a very simple, yet beautiful lesson on the concept karma: that you “reap what you sow”.

What this means is that what you plant, cultivate, water, and nourish will be what grows. And that eventually, with hard work and patience, you will enjoy the fruits of your labors.

And so, on this Full Harvest Moon, ask yourself, “what have I been nurturing, focusing on, believing in, cultivating, and giving my time and energy to?”

And, not just in this life, but looking at your entire journey over many lifetimes – how have YOU grown?

What are you harvesting in this life that you have cultivated in a past life?

Often, just taking the time to stop and reflect and maintain your perspective can in of itself be a powerful spiritual practice.

And today is a great day to do that.

Happy Full Harvest Moon!

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