You Are A Soul Not A Body

Today I want to start off by asking a question. Who are you? It seems like a simple enough question, but in my opinion, the answer to that question is a lot more complicated. Most of us would reference physical characteristics that we have, that we are a woman or a man. Or maybe it is a title or a role, that you are a teacher, a mother, or a friend. But, I have learned from doing past life regression for many, many years with thousands of people that who we are has nothing to do with our bodies. We are a soul.

And a soul is an energy that lives within our physical form, and is just temporarily occupying that space. So, one of the most powerful and profound moments in a past life regression is that you see yourself as a different gender, or a different ethnicity or religion and living a different circumstance. So, that is an incredibly powerful moment, where you realize that you are not your body.

So, when we learn that we are a soul, on a journey over many, many lifetimes, we also can see that others are a soul as well. And see and know that others are not their bodies. And, we can know that if someone is a different race or ethnicity than us, that chances are we have been that race before ourselves, in a past life.

There is a lot of divisiveness happening in the world right now, and I think that one of the most powerful ways that we can discover that we are all one, collective humanity is through a past life regression. And by going on this journey of uncovering memories from your past lives, you can start to see that you are not a body and that you are not your circumstances.

That truth can help heal a lot of people who maybe have an illness in this life, that maybe they were healthy in a past life, and see that maybe they chose to experience that illness in order to learn and grow.

So, when you think about judging others for their appearance, it actually doesn’t really make any sense to do because it has nothing to do with who they really are inside. So, I want to encourage everyone, everywhere to start to look at other people as a soul on a journey, and see yourself that way as well. I think that is something that can help bring about world peace and can even heal the world of this divisiveness. And then, we can understand that we are all one.

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