Who Were You in a Past Life?


Who exactly were you in a past life? I know that many people out there believe in reincarnation, which is the idea that we have lived before in a different body and have been reborn again into a new body, and that we came from another time and another place, and even had a whole existence in a different lifetime before we were born in this life. But, I don’t know how many of you have actually thought about personalizing that and asked, “who was I, specifically, in a past life?” It has been my experience in the over ten years now that I have been doing past life regressions with thousands of individuals, that who we were in our past lives might surprise you. This is because in our past lives, we are different genders. Meaning, if we are a woman in this life, chances are we have been a man before in one of our past lives, and if we are a man in this life, we have been a woman before. That surprises many people, to experience being a different gender, a different identity.

We also reincarnate as different religions and ethnicities. And this is actually an incredible insight into the unification of humanity, to experience that we are all one, collective humanity. So, all of these groups that are prejudiced against each other, a religion or an ethnicity or a race, to learn that we have probably been that before, therefore we are the same, and the same inside is a really profound experience.

I also want you to think about some of the favorite places that you have been, places you have traveled to, or if you haven’t traveled the places that you seem drawn to either in books, or movies or shows. Look around your home. What kind of objects are there? Are you drawn to a certain kind of style that seems to be from a different time period, or from a different place or country? Because, we have been many many things in our past lives, but I think that we feel drawn to certain things that have connections to who we were in the past. So you can find these clues by looking around your life, by noticing the things that you like.

There are also people who have described traveling to a place for the first time that they strangely felt they have been to before. That has happened to me several times, even before I began doing this work with past lives. For example, walking around somewhere such as a strange city and you just instinctively knew where you were and where you were going. Or you could smell something and even though it was dark, you knew just what that was. This is a mysterious phenomenon that I think many people have experienced. And, I also think that many people can describe that feeling of a déjà vu sensation, that they’ve been somewhere before or seen something before. Chances are, it is because you have been there before, only in a past life.

So, it’s an interesting question to think about, who was I in a past life? Try to look at how you identify yourself now. Do you identify yourself as being a woman? If so, what would that mean if you were a man, sometime before? Do you identify with your physical appearance? With your characteristics, your hair color, your eye color, your skin color? I want you to open your mind to the idea that you have been many other ethnicities and races and religions, and had different experiences. And when you can start to ask yourself those questions, look around your home and notice any clues that will lead you to the possibility that you might already unconsciously or subconsciously know who you were before in your past life.

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