How Do I Know it’s Really a Past Life?

How can you know if what you are experiencing during a past life regression actually comes from a past life? Well, this is where it gets a little bit tricky, because now we are in the realm of faith, belief and truth. In my opinion, truth is a very personal thing.

What might be true for you might not necessarily be true for someone else. So, belief in past lives or faith that there is something before this life or something after life is also a very individual, personal thing. However, during a past life regression, there are several ways that you can know if something is a memory versus something that is projection, or something that you read somewhere, or from a movie. Basically, it comes down to the emotional quality of the experience.

Many people wonder- did I make this up? Was I actually in Ancient China, or Ancient Greece, or in 1920’s Chicago? It is hard to know if past lives are actually past lives. I happen to believe in past lives, but I have come by this belief through my own experience, having witnessed my own past lives myself. But, even if you are skeptical and wonder if it is actually a past life instead of something you made up, the experience itself feels incredibly emotional for people.

The experience of a past life regression is rich and multi-layered, and it is an incredibly deep experience. People will find themselves in tears, or laughing about something that they find funny, and they are very emotionally engaged in the regression. Or, they see a person that they feel connected to and they have a longing, or some sort of whimsical feeling connected with that. So, the way that you can know if it is a memory is through how it feels, this emotional quality to it. It is true that something that you maybe read in a book or saw in a movie really won’t have that same kind of quality; an actual experience or memory will feel different to you.

For example, I will get people who will say something like, “I think I am in ‘Gone With the Wind’”. Well, you aren’t necessarily Rhett Butler in a past life or another character from that book, but that might be your unconscious mind telling you that is the time period you are in, and maybe even why you like that book or that particular movie. The experience of what I believe is an actual past life memory versus a fantasy or projection has a very different emotional quality to it.

So, as you do a regression, really focus on how it makes you feel. It is not necessarily the story of the past life that impacts us, but rather the way that story made you feel, or the emotions of it. In my opinion, it is our emotions that actually make us human; that our emotions make up the experience of being human. I think on the other side, in spirit form, we are lacking that physical, emotional experience.

So, when you are having a past life memory, really focus on the way it makes you feel. Whether or not you believe it is actually your past life or not, I think is completely up to you. And I think that the focus is best put on having your own truth become your own, unique found truth that came by way of your own experience.

And, if you experience a past life during a past life regression, then maybe that can inform your belief- that you believe you have lived before because you saw and felt that you did. Then that can be your own truth because you experienced it yourself. So, in my opinion, the difference between something that you may have made up or seen in a book or a movie and an actual past life memory is in the way that it makes you feel.

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